Borrowed Time

by United And Identified



Work in progress snippet


First Draft

Each time we say goodbye
a small part if me is lost
It is not my time as I am walking
in footsteps which are not mine

With each touch I realise
I yearn and long for so much more
Yet our time is marked and fading
while we grow closer to the other

We are the ghosts that won't sleep
to feel with every moment
how we never need a word
to express our silent feelings

My desire's to stay in this place
and let time freeze it down forever
For we are living in borrowed times
and walking on borrowed lands

Still with a trembling tone I ask
would you walk with me some longer
So I can lay down the rough sketches
of the story line we could travel

Within borrowed times we live
and on borrowed lands we walk
Will you join me in a place
where trully this belongs to us?

shall we claim indifference
and risk to carry regret
or shall we be victorious
and found a brave new world for us

will we choose for sunset and
and let thunderstorm subside
or do we set sail for disappointment
nourrished by our own delicacy

will we let the stars be our guides
on roads we never travelled
taking us beyond illusive borders
and bringing us higher hopes


released February 17, 2013
Programming Steve
Lyrics Steve & Sammy



all rights reserved


United And Identified Belgium

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